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Couples therapy sessions

I work with couples to help you navigate any challenges you may be facing in your relationship. This could be around communication, a period of uncertainty in your relationship, or feeling that you keep going round in negative loops, with the same arguments happening over again.


Usually both parties find it helpful to talk things through with the help of an experienced therapist, who allows both sides to express yourselves, feel heard and work through that challenge. It's important to say from the outset that I will not take sides. The idea is the empower you with tools and techniques to help you communicate more effectively and enable you to focus on your strengths as a couple.

I work with couples from blended families as well as first or subsequent marriages and same-sex relationships. I'm happy to chat through how this works and what to expect.

I see couples in-person, from my tranquil therapy room in Southernhay, Exeter as well as online via Google Meet.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes long and the payment is £85 . I ask for a commitment of minimum 6-8 sessions.

You can read a post I've written about why you should consider couples counselling here.

You can read the couples therapy agreement here.

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Find out more

Please feel free to email me with your contact details and a brief description of what you're going through, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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