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Couples therapy - now taking bookings!

Couple in silhouette, holding hands and looking out to sea with a beautiful sunrise
Couple in silhouette, holding hands and looking at a new dawn

For everyone who’s asked me about couples counselling… I’ve listened!

I've been training in couples therapy on a brilliant, in-depth course with The Link Centre, led by Mark Widdowson (this is his Ted Talk which I've shared with some of my clients).

This course focusses on attachment and neuroscience, to help couples identify what their attachment triggers are - whether that's feeling abandoned or neglected (anxious) or feeling suffocated or fearing a loss of independence (avoidant). Couples can then start to work through the issues triggered by attachment wounds with a shared goal of building a more secure attachment.

Once takeaway from the course that I found really uplifting to learn is that couples therapy is effective for 70% of couples.

It’s also really effective helping couples with a range of mental health issues including depression and anxiety.

There may be a perception that if you're having couples therapy then your relationship is on the rocks. Another perspective is that it means you both want your relationship to work and are prepared to listen and put in the work to find a lighter, more balanced way forward.

I’m now taking bookings for couples therapy, with sessions starting mid-February

Please contact me if you’d like find out more about what the sessions involve.

A 90 minute session costs £100.

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