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Triggers aren't your worst enemy!

Image of an adult in a yogic pose with the caption "Listen to your body"
Where there's a trigger, there's an opportunity for growth.

Triggers are our external expression of pain.

They might feel horrible in the moment - that ‘here we go again’ feeling when you react instinctively to something or someone.

But triggers can be potent sources of learning, giving us insight and a glimpse into our internal worlds.

We’re often so used to thinking - or over-thinking - and being aware of our thoughts. We may not realise that we also have a rich and wonderful internal world inside us, that can give us all sorts of clues about our health, beliefs and behaviours.

We’ve probably all experienced a visceral sense of pain or shock or numbness, when you accidentally send a text to the wrong person, or catch sight of your ex unexpectedly. It can feel like a jolt of electricity shooting through your veins with a sympathetic mobilising response from your nervous system.

You might feel an overwhelming urge to run away (flight) or irritated (fight) or to appease (fawn).

Some of the work I love doing with clients is to teach them to track what’s happening with their internal world and get to know and understand what’s going on for them when they respond instinctively.

Suppressing or denying those sensations when these patterns of behaviour start to repeat themselves can be profoundly damaging. This is where chronic pain and illness can occur, as you feel increasingly disconnected and annoyed with your body.

Gentle somatic therapy, along with inner child and attachment work, can kickstart the process of reconnecting with your body and feeling self compassion.

These exercises can be done in person, with face-to-face therapy sessions, or online.

If you’d like to know more, drop me a message or book in for a free discovery call.

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